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Big Bucks and the Boogerman


Howdy, pardners!  There's a lot of good, decent church folks out in TV Land who need help from the good Lord, but they're bein' fleeced by desperadoes with a Bible in one hand and a snake-oil gimmick in the other. Little ol' grandmas dig deep into their Social Security so rascally rev'runs can gold-plate their bathroom fixtures and fly around in style.  It's Rev'run Sidewinder who grazes in green pastures while old ladies eat cat food and swallow his fish bait. The good Lord is bein' treated like a slot machine in the sky, and that makes this ol' bull see red!

Religious banditos have bamboozled Cowboy Cody out of so many paychecks he'd be as rich as Solomon if he got all the hundred-fold returns preachers promised him over the years.  Just when you think Cody's wised up, one of those Bible-twisters plays his heart like a fiddle and Cody coughs up more cash.

There's lots of Codys out there who need to know the truth about the lies they're bein' fed Sunday after Sunday by rich preachers who are fishin' for an easy buck.  The worst religious rattlesnakes will threaten that God will sick the Boogerman on people's finances unless they pay ten percent of their hard-earned money to the institutional church.  But that just ain't true and they know they're feedin' gullible folks a line of bull.

I need a good publisher to team up with me to spread the Gospel truth about what the Bible really does say about proper givin', and what Jesus thinks of sidewinders who fleece the flock and skin the sheep of His pasture.  Big Bucks and the Boogerman is full of funny tall tales and homespun yarns about predatory preachers and the poor folks who need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Wanna read an episode from Big Bucks and the Boogerman? I'll never forget the day TV preachers got Cowboy Cody in the doghouse with loudmouth Clayton.