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Big Bucks and the Boogerman

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Sneaky Preacher Previews
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 Big Bucks and the Boogerman

$neaky Preacher Previews


1.      First off, I  introduce myself (all over again).  Then we head on down a trail that takes many twists and turns.

2.      Religious Racketeers*** I reminisce about a few  bizzare fund-raisin' gimmicks.

3.      The Hallelujah Network***Brother Blessing sets folks straight about tithin'. If ever a preacher pulls a rabbit (or chicken) out of his hat, this guy does.

4.      Two Texans Wrangle Over Tithin'****One hot-headed heifer locks horns with Brother Blessing and twists the Bible her own way.

5.      Bucks in the Belfry***This egotistical parson competes for a prize he can't take to the Pearly Gates with him. 

6.      Redefinin' the Tithe to Take Off the Cross***Ol’ Tex untangles real Bible truth from the briar patch of  pulpit doublespeak.

7.      Vow Now and Get Milked Like a Cow***Cowboy Cody is an easy touch for a money-hungry TV preacher.

8.      Missin' the Postmark***A cop's wife commits grand larceny to pay her preacher, and well nigh starves her own family to death.

9.      BBQ Tithes and Party Wine***One pastor crosses his crusty head honcho by tithin’ the Bible way.

10.  No More Nickels***Cowboy Cody gets riled up by a temper tantrum his pastor throws in the pulpit.

11.  The Loveless Landlord***This mean ol’ cuss of a landlord is too poor to afford the rent in heaven.

12.  Beam Me Back to Abraham's Blessings***Did rich Father Abraham really lounge around in push-button luxury?

13.  Beam Me Back to Green Pastures***Ben Buck teaches David and Solomon the secrets of prosperity and almost gets killed.

14.  All Tithed up in Knots***This congregation no longer says amen to all the pastor's amenities.

15.  Prosperity Pandemonium***Funny questions pop up in a boy's Sunday School class.

16.   Barred At the Pearly Gates***Pastor Pete puts a positive spin on  his sins to try to get St. Peter to let him in.

17.  Tie-Dyed Angel***Neighborhood hippies shed share the true light of the Word, but Pastor Frisk doesn’t want that “riffraff” to darken his door.  Wonder what happens next…

18.  Greedy, Ah Wanna SEE Yew!***This guy knows all about the Bible.  But he could care less about sharin’ the love of Jesus with others.

19.  Cashin' In On the Unpardonable Sin***Cody gets disgusted by preachers who make a quick buck out of the one sin that can’t ever be forgiven.

20. Brother Burnburger's Pedigree***This pulpit clown spins a convoluted yarn about his ancestors but it won’t be enough to line his pockets.

21.  Jesus and the Rich Man***Jesus shows his brothers what it means to be spiritually rich.


* * * * *

There's lots of good territory to cover, folks, and the grazin' is real good.


Happy readin', Tex